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Tao Healing Center

Welcome to Tao Healing Center

America's #1 Tao Healing Center

Using Ancestral, Lineage-Based Tao Practices to Solve Your Problems and Heal Your Mind and Body

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Michelle Qin Zhang

Experience the Power of Transformation at Tao Healing Center with Michelle Qin Zhang
As the
75th Generation Inheritor of the Tongxuan lineage of the Laozi Taoist Tradition, Michelle Qin Zhang invites you on a journey to experience the magic  of Tao Healing, rediscover yourself and embrace a fulfilling life.


Our Specializations

At Tao Healing Center, we are dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve optimal health and wellness through the timeless wisdom of Taoism. Our comprehensive range of services is tailored to address a wide spectrum of physical and mental wellness issues, ensuring that our clients find balance, harmony, and fulfillment in every aspect of their lives.

  • A Trusted Expert in Tao Healing

Led by the highly skilled practitioner Michelle, our center boasts a proven track record of success, having positively impacted the lives of thousands of clients. Michelle's expertise in the art of Tao healing is a testament to her dedication and passion for guiding individuals towards their well-being journey.

  • Unlock the Secrets of Taoism 

Embark on a transformative journey as you explore the profound teachings of Taoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy that emphasizes living in harmony with the Tao. Our center provides a safe and nurturing environment to delve into the timeless wisdom of Taoism, enabling you to achieve inner harmony and prosperity.

  • Personalized Solutions with Michelle's Secret Lineage Techniques

Benefit from Michelle's unique and exclusive secret lineage techniques, thoughtfully tailored to suit your individual needs. With her personalized approach, you can experience the full potential of Tao healing, addressing emotional issues, nurturing relationships, fostering career development, and more

  • Unleash Your True Potential

Discover the hidden reservoir of strength within you as you embrace the principles of Taoism. Our center believes in unlocking your true potential, allowing you to rediscover yourself and embrace a life that is fulfilling and purpose-driven.


Our Services


Embrace the Magic of Tao Healing at Tao Healing Center. Harmonize your life, heal emotionally, and flourish spiritually. Nurture relationships, empower your career, and attract abundance with Feng Shui. Unleash your true potential through expert consultations tailored just for you. Discover the journey to wholeness and prosperity. Call now to experience the transformative power of Tao Healing Center.

Marriage and Relationship

Marriage and Relationship Tao Counseling

  • Enhance Marital Harmony

  • Healing Past Wounds and Conflict

  • Couples Restoration Sessions

  • Sever Ties with Temptation

  • Overcoming Affairs and Betrayal

Career Success and Welth Transformation

Career Success and Wealth Transformation with Tao Wisdom

  • Navigate Career Challenges 

  • Transform Your Wealth Mindset

  • Attract Success and Prosperity

  • Guidance for Career Direction

  • Tailored Strategies for Your Goals

  • Achieve Career Excellence

Depression and Emotional Wellness

Tao-Infused Solutions for Depression and Emotional Wellness 

  • Holistic treatments for depression

  • Manage Anxiety and Stress

  • Fostering emotional well-being through Tao wisdom

  • Cultivate Inner Peace

  • Empowerment for the Growth

Parent-Child Relationship Counseling

Parent-Child Tao Counseling

  • Improved and developed a deeper and more meaningful Parent-Child Bond

  • Unleash Children's Academic Talents

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Balanced energy flow in the body, leading to improved overall well-being and vitality

  • Enhanced Patience and Empathy

  • Emotional Regulation

Feng Shui Consultation

Feng Shui Consultation

  • Increased energy levels and a sense of well-being as the positive flow of Qi

  • Attract abundance and prosperity into your life by aligning your space with the principles of wealth and success

  • Foster better relationships by creating a balanced and harmonious living or working environment

  • Find inner peace and emotional balance as your environment supports a calming and nurturing atmosphere

What Our Visitors Say

"Life-Changing Healing" - Sarah H.

"Visiting Tao Healing Center with Michelle was a turning point in my life. Her warmth and expertise created a safe space for me to address deep emotional wounds. Through her guidance, I found healing and rediscovered my inner strength. Forever grateful!"

"My anxiety was healed by Tao tools!" - John D.

"After struggling with anxiety for years, I finally decided to seek help from Michelle. From the moment I stepped in, I felt welcomed and understood. She provided invaluable support and Tao tools to manage my anxiety. I can't believe the difference it has made in my life. Thank you!"

"A Place of Empowerment" - Sarah M.

"Tao Healing Center is a place where I found strength in vulnerability. Michelle listened without judgment and helped me through difficult times. I learned to embrace my emotions and take control of my life. It's a journey I'll forever be grateful for."

"Tao Healing is Remarkable"- Grace H.

"I came to Tao Healing Center feeling stressed and anxious, but after just a few sessions with the consultant with Michelle, I felt like a new person. Her expertise in the art of Tao healing is truly remarkable, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to achieve optimal health and wellness."

“A Safe Haven" - Michael R.

"As a combat veteran, I struggled with PTSD, and it took a toll on my relationships. Visiting Tao Healing Center was the best decision I made. Michelle's compassionate approach helped me face my traumas, and I can say my life has improved significantly. I'm finally on a path to healing."

"Supportive and Caring" - Emily K.

"Tao Healing Center provides a space of genuine care and empathy. I always feel heard and valued during each session. My therapist has been instrumental in guiding me towards personal growth and finding my inner strength. I highly recommend Michelle's services!"

"Positive and Transformative" - Ashley L.

"I had always been skeptical about therapy, but my experience with Tao Healing Center exceeded my expectations. Michelle is truly professional and insightful. The tools and coping strategies I learned have allowed me to navigate life's challenges with newfound confidence."

"A Spiritual Awakening" - Nichole C.

"My journey with Michelle at Tao Healing Center has been nothing short of incredible. Her wisdom and insight have guided me towards a profound spiritual awakening. I feel more connected to myself and the world around me. It's a transformative experience that I highly recommend."

"Balancing Body and Soul" - David L.

"The holistic approach at Tao Healing Center is exceptional. Michelle's expertise in energy healing and traditional practices helped me find balance and harmony in my life. I feel rejuvenated and more aligned with my purpose. Thank you for the rejuvenating experience!"

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